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 As part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme, an exciting landmark National Conference 'Ireland 2016' is being organised at in NUI Galway from November 10th to the 12th.

The Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme has showcased a diverse range of historical, cultural and artistic activities designed to commemorate the events of the 1916 Rising and to facilitate reflection, commemoration, celebration, debate and analysis, and an active re-imagining of Ireland’s future.

For three days this November, Ireland 2016 moves to Galway with an impressive and varied programme of events at NUIG and in the city itself, called The Centenary Conversations, Galway, as well as a unique array of fringe events.

The centrepiece of The Centenary Conversations, Galway is a landmark academic conference at NUIG, entitled 1916-2016: The Promise and Challenge of National Sovereignty, Nov 10th-12th.

There is a very impressive and varied programme of events – both academic and fringe events at NUI Galway and in the City itself called The Centenary Conversations, Galway. 

The centrepiece of the event is a major national conference, which is free to the public, titled ‘1916-2016 The Promise and Challenge of National Sovereignty’.  Hosted by NUI Galway and featuring a host of internationally-renowned academics, historians and special guests, the conference will explore and debate some of the most important issues and challenges facing us today.  The conference will be opened by An Taoiseach  and participants will include Minister Humphreys, Professor Roy Foster (University of Oxford), Professor Philip Pettit (Princeton University), Professor Louise Richardson (University of Oxford), Professor Clair Wills (Princeton University) and Professor Brendan O'Leary (University of Pennsylvania), as well as academics from across the entire third level sector in Ireland .

Speaking at the announcement of The Centenary Conversations, Galway An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD said: “One of our greatest national talents is storytelling, which we do through literature, drama, poetry and other art forms.  Most of all we do it through conversations, in large groups and small.  This year we are re-living the experience of 1916 through historical analysis but also through the power of the arts in storytelling.  The National Conference in Galway will facilitate the exchange of views and opinions about the past, and how our understanding of the past can help us shape the future.  The wide-ranging events around the conference will extend and enlarge the conversation, bring in new audiences and perspectives – and will make this a great event not just for Galway but for the entire country.”

Minister Heather Humphreys said: “2016 has been an extraordinary year for Ireland and for Irish people. As we come to the end of our year of reflection and remembrance, it is time for us to look to the future and explore ways in which we can build on the positive experience of our centenary year. Public participation and engagement, not just in the events of the Centenary Programme, but also in the discussions around our complex history, have been a hallmark of our approach to this year. Therefore, I am particularly pleased that admission to the National Conference is free and I would encourage everyone to attend, participate and enjoy this unique and exciting event.”

“The participation and engagement by thousands of students, teachers and academics, in every education institution in the country, played a huge part in the success of this year's Centenary Programme.  Creating opportunities and access for everyone to discover, learn and debate our shared history and what it means to be Irish today speaks to the value and importance of education in all our lives."

In addition to the National Conference, a specially curated Fringe programme of talks, exhibitions, performances and special events will take place in NUI Galway and in venues across the city.

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