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Speaking at an Invest Kilkenny event in late 2010, entrepreneur and CEO of, Terry Clune, stumbled upon a simple idea that has subsequently evolved into an innovative driver of economic growth - the fact that Irish people at home and abroad have a massive global network of family, friends and connections, many of whom have contacts in companies that are expanding internationally.

Connect Ireland was born and was appointed by the Irish Government and IDA Ireland to deliver the 'Succeed in Ireland' initiative as part of the Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs.

Connect Ireland is driven by a dedicated team of professionals based in Kilkenny and Dublin, complementing the existing work of IDA Ireland who have been hugely successful in attracting many of the biggest multinationals in the world to Ireland. ConnectIreland encourages and incentivizes individuals to identify SMEs that would not be aware of the benefits of locating in Ireland. They have previously earned an IPA Innovation Award.

Successes in job creation to date include announcements by Mafic, Sound & Sea Technologies, Improv Asylum Innovation, Strategic Marketing Innovations Inc, Bayne Law Group, the Magni Group, Flagship Management, SMK Corporation and Ark Energy Consulting. At the latest announcement, CEO of Connect Ireland Michael McLoughlin welcomed SMK's choice of location which brings the total number of jobs created to over 1,100.