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Kilkenny's location within the dynamic Eastern Seaboard economic zone has a commuter zone that reaches from West Dublin to Waterford and a population of 498,000 people within 60km.


Kilkenny gives you access to a highly-skilled labour pool. Three third level institutes are located within close proximity to Kilkenny. In addition, Kilkenny City is home to the NUI Maynooth’s Kilkenny Campus and to an ICT Research and Innovation Centre operated by Waterford Institute of Technology/ TSSG (Telecommunications software & Systems Group). 


Kilkenny’s reputation as a sophisticated and vibrant creative centre is recognised as key to its success in attracting a skilled workforce and CEOs have chosen Kilkenny as a location because they believe it has a unique ability to attract senior management teams and highly educated people to live and work here.


But don't just take our word for it......


Eamonn Laird, Controller of Patents, Irish Patents Office

"I think the quality of staff I have here plus the quality of life that the staff have are a huge contributing factor. Between one third and a half of the staff would have third level qualifications and our patent examiners would all have PhDs so we have recruited high calibre staff and they're very happy here in Kilkenny"


Neil Foot, Chief Operating Officer, SmartPly

"We have engineers, marketing people, finance people, obviously technicians to run a plant of this scale , and indeed there are operators as well. More recently we've become heavily engaged in innovation and R&D here in Belview....the skill of our workforce is excellent". 


Aaron Keogh, General Manager Individual Business, Vhi Healthcare 

"For Vhi Healthcare, the Kilkenny business centre has been a huge success, what we've found is that the passion and commitment that people bring to their role has delivered consistently for us and more importantly delivered consistently for our customers".