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Kilkenny has evolved as a location of choice  
for a number of sectors, particularly


     - Financial Services

     - Business Services

     - Tourism\Culture

     - Agri-Food

     - ICT & Telecoms


Kilkenny offers the necessary mix of quality infrastructure, workforce availability and cost advantage that makes investing in Kilkenny a very competitive option. 


The two main development zones of Kilkenny City and Belview port  within which leading companies in each of the above sectors already do business. For further information on planned developments for the County, Kilkenny County Council has developed a consultative website including information on the local area plans, zoning and areas for proposed economic growth at . You will also find information on the Local Economic and community Plan, currently in development by the Local Community Development Committee and the documentation for review focuses on key actions and objectives for the Economic and Community wellbeing of Kilkenny City & County for the next six years. A significant amount of investment in infrastructure has taken place in both zones to prime the sites for development, from water to wastewater capacity to broadband capability to road access which will deliver jobs and investment to County and Region. 


A dynamic regional ecosystem exists betweeen indigenous businesses and mutinationals who have chosen to locate here. Applied research centres in the region are leading the research agenda in the Internet of Things and next generation ICT research, as well as specialisations evolving  in Telecommunications, Software Design, Applied Materials, Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology and Eco-Innovation. Kilkenny continues to lead the way in creating a sustainable, smart economy for the South East with the expansion of the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group at the proposed new Abbey Creative Quarter on the Smithwick's Brewery site. The economic growth is driven by a support network of local agencies and Local success stories include Glanbia Plc., Connolly's Redmills, Duggan Steel, Roadstone Ltd., Kilkenny Design and numerous artisan craft and retail designers.