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Ireland's reputation as a world leader in financial services provision which, while initially based on the development of the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in Dublin from the late 1980's onwards, has been added to more recently by the establishment of operations outside the IFSC and across the country, including Kilkenny. 


Taxback.comThe main factors behind Ireland becoming such a leading location for the financial services sector include:

  • a low corporate tax rate
  • a comprehensive Double Taxation treaty network combined with a range of other tax advantages such as Research and Development tax credits and patent royalty tax exemptions
  • a skilled and educated workforce
  • a sophisticated support network including accountancy, legal, taxation, actuarial, regulatory, telecommunications and other services providers.


Kilkenny City has already attracted significant investment from leading financial services companies such as State Street International, Bank of Ireland and These companies were attracted here by a location offering exceptional global connectivity and the capacity to attract high calibre people. Kilkenny has the compelling combination of having access to a skilled, educated and ambitious workforce to whom it can offer an unrivalled quality of life while at the same time being an extremely cost competitive location with average business costs at least 15% lower than Dublin. 


Following the completion of  the motorway linking Dublin and Kilkenny, Dublin city centre is within a 90 minute drive, and Dublin Airport within a 70 minute drive, of Kilkenny , thereby strengthening Kilkenny's proximity to Ireland's main financial services hub in the IFSC and adding to its many benefits as a location for  financial services investment and operation.


Existing Kilkenny financial services companies are extremely satisfied with having chosen Kikenny as a base. State Street International, a leading global provider of fund administration services who first established in Kilkenny in 2001 and now employ over 400 people at two locations in the city, find that they " have a very strong team here, one that provides us with great expertise and one that has a reputation throughout our company of 30,000 employees worldwide. Everyone knows where Kilkenny is and what Kilkenny does for us", William Slattery, Executive Vice President, Head of European Offshore Domiciles, Country Head, Ireland, State Street International.


Similarly,, a multi-national corporation providing specialist tax return services to private and corporate clients across 100 countries , first located their global headquarters in Kilkenny in 2003 and now have 27 offices worldwide, in Europe, Australasia, the United States and South America, employing over 700 people. They believe that "Kilkenny is where all of our key decisions strategy  is formed and our key finance and corporate functions is based here. I really think Kilkenny is a wonderful place from which to run an international business", Terry Clune, CEO, and Overall Winner of the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepeneur of the Year Award in Ireland