where business moves faster"Kilkenny is where all of our key decisions strategy is formed and our key finance and corporate function is based here. I really think Kilkenny is a wonderful place from which to run an international business", Terry Clune, CEO

It's hard to believe that began at a kitchen table with a young Irish guy preparing German tax returns for his university friends.

After a summer working in Germany, Terry found it frustratingly difficult to try and reclaim the German tax they had overpaid. So he took matters into his own hands and did it himself.

Back then, there was no network of offices all over the world; he was helped by his mother who looked after the administration and phone calls. That was seventeen years ago and things didn't stay like that for long......

As migration has expanded in line with the global economic trends, expanded to provide tax refund and tax return services across 13 countries.

They located their global headquarters in Kilkenny in 2003 and today, forms part of The Taxback Group, offering a suite of services including specialist tax return, finance and travel consultancy services for individual and corporate clients, leveraging tax expertise across multiple jurisdictions to bring new services to market at competitive prices. 33 offices in 23 countries and employs a team of 875. 



Terry was the overall winner of the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneuer of the Year Award in Ireland and Taxback have been awarded a Gold Standard Award in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards in March 2015,  the fifth year in the Best Managed Companies process and were Services Exporter of the Year in the Export Industry Awards in November 2014. Taxback is proud of its Gold Finalist in the Nokia Digital Media Award and the Blog shortlsting as a finalist in the 2015 Blog Awards. 

At an Invest Kilkenny workshop, CEO Terry Clune devised the 'Connect Ireland' initiative, a State-funded scheme where individuals are given a finder’s fee for bringing in foreign investment that would not have otherwise considered setting up shop here. Connect Ireland have successfully secured investment from a broad spectrum of companies including the Magni Group, Flagship Management, Ark Energy Consulting, Mafic and IDG Connect.  

A serial entrepreneur, Terry co-founded TransferMate Global Payments which is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange brokers employing over 80 staff and were responsible for $5bn in global transfers this year.

A remarkable story. A remarkable entrepreneur and team.


Contact the Taxback team in Kilkenny on 1800 991 805 or +353 (0) 1 8871999