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Smartply“Belview has been a great location for Smartply with its involvement in the eco-innovation area. The great thing about Kilkenny is the interconnectivity throughout Europe. We’re working very closely with institutions in Germany, the UK and North America as well to develop new product and improve innovation processes”. Neil Foot, Chief Operating Officer, SmartPly Europe Limited and Medite Europe Limited.


SmartPly Europe Limited was originally set up by a US company, Louisiana Pacific, in a joint venture with Coillte. It started production in 1996 and business has grown steadily. Smartply is an innovative manufacturer and developer of oriented strand board, a sustainable timber product manufactured from locally – grown sustainable forest resource in an energy efficient process.


When the Louisiana Specific looked at Ireland as a location in the early 1990’s, they selected Belview based on its ability to deliver to export markets, primarily the UK and Europe. Smartply exports over 90% of product to the UK, Western Europe, Russia and Turkey  Israel, and  parts of the Middle East,  shipping through Belview and Rosslare Ports, Approximately 100 truck-loads of Irish timber are brought every day to ports, predominantly in the South East, for export. The company employs 150 people at Belview.


With a lower carbon footprint than many types of plywood, SmartPly is one of the most environmentally efficient building materials on the market and fits with the clean greentech agenda. Smartply are one of the country's biggest users of renewable energy in the form of biomass and are working to achieve an ambitious recycling rate target of 90% across the company. 


CONTACT SMARTPLY: Contact the Smarply team at Belview on +353 (0)51 851233